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apollo tyres

The international Indian-origin tyre manufacturer’s facility.For this reason, will start production in early 2017. At its first European Greenfield plant in Gyöngyöshalász, Hunga…

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Apollo tyres are making a big effort to steam roller the world with their tyre products and they are doing a good job of it?

As well as tyre manufacturing plants in India the Hungary. This new plant will service tyre retailers in Europe including here in the UK.

Apollo have already established a foothold in Europe.As expected, by buying the Dutch tyre company Vredestein. Because they are famous for their excellent winter tyres. Vredestein winter tyre products are used extensively across Europe. Therefore, they have established a very good name. In my opinion Apollo also make a good winter tyre of their own. But their main aim is to push the summer tyre products.

They have already set up an established chain of tyre retailers. Thus, by doing a deal with tyre buying group known as Point-S. Point-S.Who have a network of independent tyre retailers across the UK. I am the Halifax tyre retailer. We at Halifax have already stocked the depot with a good range of Apollo tyres.Accordingly they are already popular tyres in the Halifax area.


Apollo tyres in Halifax Yorkshire UK

Apollo tyres are one of tyre manufacturers of the future in my humble opinion. The Indian tyre company have taken the tyre world by storm?

apollo tyres

Manchester United team bus adorned in Apollo tyres logo

They have made some good acquisitions. Including the purchase of the Dutch tyre manufacturer Vredestein tyres. Vredestein have a strong customer base across Europe including here in the UK. Famously, with their excellent Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme range of tyres. The Dutch tyre makers are famous for their winter tyre range and also continue to make some vintage tyre sizes for classic and vintage cars.

Apollo tyres will fit comfortably into the British tyre market place, because it has an Anglicised name. In my opinion some of the imported tyres from say China come with silly names that do not fit in with the general English language, anyway I digress.

Apollo Tyres

Apollo tyres have bought into a network with the purchase of Vredestein tyres and we were informed from the outset that the Apollo products were available to the Vredestein tyre dealers straight away.

We were also pleased to know that Apollo had become one of the preferred suppliers to the tyre buying group Point-S. As a member of Point-S in Halifax, this meant that we would be buying this excellent product at the best rate possible.

Apollo tyres have also done a joint deal with Manchester United to be able to advertise around the pitch side on match days including live television coverage.

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Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant-our ‘most technologically advanced’, says Goodyear | ET Auto


The new factory will be a zero-waste-to-landfill and zero-solvent facility, and will use natural gas, energy efficient LED lighting and state-of-the-art dust ..

Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant

Tyre factories are now dust-free and almost fully automated.


Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant

Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant; news from Goodyear tyres is no real surprise.


All the leading tyre companies are relocating to a cheap labour based country. Many of the large tyre companies such as Michelin tyres have located in China and others such as Apollo tyres in to Eastern Europe. This trend has been going on for years.

In times gone by the tyres that we fitted were made in the UK. Or other parts of Europe. But as living standard became higher. The population wanted a better standard of living and higher wages. As expected, the tyre industry started to move out of countries like the UK.

The Birmingham area of the UK have been devastated by the number of car related industries moving out of the area and re-locating to other countries. This included Goodyear tyres who moved out of Wolverhampton, near Birmingham, and re-located to several other countries including now Mexico.

Tyre are not hand built any more and are less labour intensive to make, but labour is still one of their biggest costs, and so they are constantly on the move, going to places with low labour rates and to the governments who will give them the biggest grants.

I can’t blame these tyre companies and they are not the only businesses that do this, but we all need industry to survive and loyalty has been thrown out of the window?


Goodyear tyres and Dunlop tyres are now of course the same company and their tyre products are made in several European countries as well as all over the world including the new tyre plant in Mexico. The European headquarters are in Brussels and are known as; Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Europe headquarters; Europe, Middle East & Africa headquarters.

Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant; only Goodyear tyres presence here in the UK,

Because Goodyear have their racing tyres division in Birmingham. Thus they still have several tyre manufacturing plants across the rest of Europe including Amiens in France. For this reason,  a recent threat to close the factory ended up in the staff rioting. Consequently,  a decision was made to keep the plant open.

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Winter tyres were gripping- but now its time to change – Scottish Daily Record

Winter tyres were gripping

A Freelander fitted with winter tyres.

Winter tyres were gripping; Easter and the school holidays over, now is the time to remove those winter tyres and put the ‘summer’ ones back on.


The Scottish Daily Record are correct. When they say that it is time to have your winter tyres taken off. Of course, and your summer tyres put back on.

Here a my tyre business. Pellon Tyres in Halifax Yorkshire UK, we have just about changed all our customers tyres over. These were in the “tyre hotel” scheme of ours.

We carefully attach the names and registration numbers on all their tyres. Before we store the tyres for them.

It has been a good idea to do this. For this reason,  we are now in our fifth year of doing the scheme.

It also keeps us in touch with our customers. This brings in more work from things like servicing and air-conditioning work. We also create a hell of a lot of good will. Between our customers and my staff. This during the tyre change overs.Accordingly, we know this because of the amount of recommendations that we have from our customers to other people. Good word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Thus we are always a busy fitting station so we must be doing something right.

When it gets round to spring time again we always send out a reminder for our winter tyre customers(Winter tyres were gripping) to come in and change back onto their summer tyres.

They then ring in and make an appointment, for the work to be carried out. So far we have had no problems with the system and it is something that i would highly recommend to other

Winter tyres were gripping

Apollo summer tyres on show at a recent exhibition.

tyre businesses, (not in Halifax though?). Cheap Winter Tyres are always available but we find that our customers buy makes of winter tyres across a wide range including the excellent Continental Winter Tyres.


Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Pellon Tyres, are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Of course, also sell Apollo winter Tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. For this reason, they offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Finally, are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes. Who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.


Narrow Tyres – How does the BMW i3 handle so well on such narrow tyres? – CNET

Narrow Tyres

We take a closer look at Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP500 tires for the 2015 BMW i3 electric car.

This article asks how the new BMW i3 car can handle well with such Narrow Tyres Bridgestone tyres?

Well it is not too many ago that all tyres were thin and narrow and do you know? they worked perfectly well.

The difference is that today’s tyres are made from different materials and compounds. Ecopia tyres  help you cut down on fuel consumption and carbon emissions and are used on fuel efficient electric cars such as the BMW i3 car.

Tyre sizes are unfamiliar out of the tyre trade, such as 15570R19,17660R19 and also as large as 15560R20 and 17555R20, in days gone by we were using sizes such as 18580R15 and 20580R16, so the trend has become taller Narrow Tyres , but Bridgestone say that these tyres are good handling and give good grip in wet weather.

So that is good enough for me/


Bridgestone narrow tyres

The development of tyres started with the vintage/classic cars of today. We have all seen how narrow tyres were on these cars. These cars could not go very fast though? And the tyres were perfect for the time period and the types of suspension that these cars had.

The vintage cars of today could only be afforded by the rich in the pre WW2 period, but after the war cars became more affordable to the drivers who were perhaps managers or the owners of small businesses. I can remember when I first started working in a garage that most of our customers did indeed own a business and the working class people would still catch the bus to work.

The cars that were out then were fitted with X ply tyres, but thanks to Michelin the radial tyre came out and soon took over from the lesser X ply tyres. The bigger cars came out on 18580R15 tyres and cars like the new Minis were fitted with 145R10 tyres.

In fact the Mini period signaled a new kind of car buyer the working class man. The car market was booming. Tyre sizes were changing all the time with the commonest radial tyre being the 145R13, 155R13, and the bigger cars were fitted with 155R15, 165R15 and 185R15.

Over the years they  became wider (fatter), this was due to many factors including faster cars on faster roads.

Why narrow tyres again

Consequently, car manufacturers knew that tyres had to be made differently. Therefore, to satisfy the requirements’ of the governments drive to produce greener cars. The EV battery driven became a favourite. For this reason, it followed closely by the Hydrogen cell cars.

Some tyre companies use different tyre materials to reduce the amount of petrol based oils used in the manufacturing  compounds. Yokohama tyres of Japan use orange peel oil and Continental have discovered that the white liquid that we see in dandelions has the same molecular structure as rubber latex, the stuff that they have been made of for years.

They are also becoming thinner again. This is to give the tyres less rolling resistance and also a larger turning distance. This means that the engine has to do less work to power the car forward, thus using less fuel and making the car greener. We are now up to date with Bridgestone Car Tyres leading the way.

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Michelin Tyres buy 40% stake in French Online Tyre store, starts a series of take-Overs.

Original Article by Eric Roberts on www.wintertyres-yorkshire.co.uk

Michelin Tyres Throw Down the Gauntlet with the 40% Acquisition of French Online Company ALLPNUES

Wow I have been saying for the past two years that we in the tyre trade are living in interesting times, but this announcement is one of the most interesting stories I have yet to come across?

Michelin are going online?

This will be done with a 40% acquisition of the French online tyre retailer “Allpnues”. The online tyre company sold 3 million tyres online last year, which accounts for 7% of the French tyre market.

Michelin to use ATS as the fitting stations

Michelin have also announced that they are going to use their network of ATS tyre depots to carry out their fitting work, across Europe.michelin tyres

When I first read the story I thought that Michelin Tyres were just going to supply France and use the French ATS depots, but they say that they will be using al the ATS depots across Europe. I did notice that some of the local ATS depots were not doing any truck work anymore and have been smartened up for retail, and so this has been a plan of theirs for some time.

One thing is for sure, this will kick off repercussions amongst tyre wholesalers and will there be a big rush from the other tyre manufacturers to compete on the same lines. This effectively means that Michelin are missing out the middle man, which at the moment, are the big tyre wholesalers.

I can remember years ago when Michelin decided to go into ASDA to sell tyres. This too caused a huge rumpus and I think that it was ATS who eventually stopped the process and Michelin closed down the tyre shops within the supermarket. This time ATS will be one of the main players and have no complaints.

Michelin Tyres buy 40% stake in French Online Tyre store

I also wonder what Michelin Tyres will do with other brands that Allpnues also sell?. Will they be pushing out their own product. I think so. It is a big investment to make just to sell Dunlop’s and Continentals products.

Whatever happens. For this reason. Has certainly changed the game big style? But I can’t help feeling that this is the way to go, it makes good business sense and will cut out the middle man as I have

michelin tyres

Michelin man will soon be working online?

stated earlier. It could be the start of another dot/com boom, but in the tyre industry, watch this space?

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How to Check Car Battery Water Levels (with Pictures) – An easy explanation for motorists- wikiHow

How to Check Car Battery

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels.

It’s important to regularly check the electrolyte (it really isn’t just water) level in your car’s battery, for two reasons: first, because it naturally evaporates and second, because a small amount…


This is a thing that you have thought was second nature to car owners?

But it is not.

Drivers just do not know much about the How to Check Car Battery and how to check the levels and look after battery in general.

This wiki-how article explains and also shows you with graphics on how to check your battery levels.


How to Check Car Battery water levels.

The liquid that we see I our batteries is not actually water, but electrolyte. The battery is originally filled with sulphuric acid, with a specific gravity of around 12.60. A chemical action takes place when the acid enters the battery casing for the first time. This reacts with the batteries plates and turns the liquid into electrolyte.

When your car battery, is in constant use, then the level of the electrolyte falls, because of heating and condensing. This is due to the constant chemical reaction that is taking place during charging and discharging, the gases escape from the vent holes that you can see in the battery tops, and this is where the gas vents to.

Other good battery housekeeping tips include, making sure that your battery is kept in a clean condition and also clean any corrosion that may have built up on your battery terminals. This comes in the form of a white powdery substance that kind of grows on the battery terminal. This looks like a type of mold growing on the terminal. This can be done by pouring

How to Check Car Battery

This is an example of a Car Battery Problems that need a really good sorting out

some hot water onto the effected terminal. This clears the corrosion.

When the terminals are dry you can coat them with some petroleum jelly. In the UK we have a product known as “Vaseline” a petroleum jelly that has many uses and can be used on your battery terminals to protect them from further corrosion. Also when you are topping the battery up, you should use pure distilled water and NOT tap water.

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

This treatment can also apply to the hold down nuts and bolts that secure your battery to the car. These too can suffer from rust and acid corrosion. The same treatment as the terminals will keep them clean and the nuts or bolts will be easier to remove for if you have to change or remove your battery for any reason.

In more recent times the car battery has become sealed and the motorist cannot get to the battery compartments, simply because they are sealed and have no caps. These are known as maintenance free batteries or “MF”. These batteries have plates that are made of lead alloys and not pure lead. It was found that these types of batteries do not gas as much and therefor do not lose any electrolyte, when in use.

These batteries are sealed but have a pressure release valve fitted. Unlike the AGM battery these batteries are not 100% sealed and should still be fitted in the normal upright position.

This battery, along with other modification became the standard type of battery for use on most cars today, but many of the other type of car batteries still exist on today’s cars. The same though applies to the terminals, Battery Terminal Clamps and the battery casing. It is important to keep these clean and free of any corrosion of the terminals. It is just that you will not have to check the levels?

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

Finally if your battery fails then  Car Battery Prices are available from our website http://www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk/ourshop/cat_917571-Car-Batteries.html , with a next working day free delivery.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.

XV31MF Batteries : Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah

XV31MF Batteries

X31MF, Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah, 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.Totally Maintenance Free.Comfortable And Robust Carry Handle., Numax, Power/Batteries


XV31MF Batteries-As a Lucas and Numax battery dealer, I know that these two batteries are made by the same company. They are both the exact same quality and are extremely reliable.

They are a twin post battery, which enables the owner to connect more than one battery to each other to give you more voltage or a higher amperage.

Both the Lucas and the Numax were specially created for the leisure market and are one of our best sellers. There has been a massive increase in the number of people buying mobile motorhomes in the past five years. These people can now travel all over Europe and so need a reliable battery that will do the job, and there is no doubt that this product is one of the best on the market.

It is also suitable for the boating and canal vessels, including narrow boats that are now a large feature of our canals and rivers here in the  UK.


XV31MF Batteries are probably the number one leisure battery

In the early days of caravanning, electrics were not much of a necessity. Gas bottles were the main source of power, TV sets were not used very much, and the motorhome market had not yet taken off here in the UK.

Countries such as Italy and France were well ahead of us, but the motor home revolution started to take off. People were buying motorhomes and all the electrical items that went with them; they really were a home from home.

The storage batteries that were used in the early days were really car and truck batteries, according to what you could afford to buy. The main part numbers used were 069,644 and 017 batteries.

XV31MF Batteries

The problem came with the increase in electrical items, Of course, including showers, TV’s . Naturally,and electric pumps for various things such as water and sewage disposal.  In my opinion. The ultimate battery for this sort of application is the AGM battery (absorbed glass mating). These batteries would charge and discharge at a much deeper cycle rate. Of course, without damaging the battery. These are the perfect battery, with one exception, the price?

The AGM batteries are very expensive, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for. These batteries will endure any normal 12volt lead acid battery, by probably five times, making the investment worthwhile.

Along came the dedicated leisure battery

Numax came up with the “leisure battery”, a sort of hybrid. This battery has thicker plates made from lead alloys.  For this reason, it gave the battery more storage capacity. These plates also meant that electrolyte did not evaporate as much. Therefore,  the battery did not require vent holes, as in the conventional screw top type of battery.

Enter the XV31MF Batteries

The next generation of batteries to come out was the XV22/26 and 31 batteries. The most powerful one is the 110 Amp XV31MF Batteries. Becuase, the later comes out with twin posts so that you can connect other things. Also, other batteries together to give you, even more, power. Both these Leisure Batteries are available in the trade names of Numax and Lucas and are available online at www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk


ups battery information-Kept in battery banks in case of a mains power outage?

ups battery information

We are battery supplier in India. Such as Traction battery, trontek battery and many more.


ups battery information (Uninterrupted Power Supply) batteries are a crucial aspect of today’s modern living.

These batteries are there to protect the owner such as perhaps a hospital, bank or any business that have computers or significant electrical systems that need to be kept running in case there is a mains outage, and the supply fails.

These are large banks of batteries that are connected to protect the equipment that requires being 24/7. They are crucial and need proper cars and attention and also they need to be tested at regular intervals, they cannot fail?


UPS Stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS battery banks have grown with the rise of industry and with it banking and health care. When the world first used computers in a big way it was soon realised that if there were no backup system, then all the data that had been collected would be lost in the case of a power outage.

The opposite can also happen, the “spike”. Thus when the power supply surges, and the voltage is greater than it should be. When the voltage is lower than it should be, this is known as “sag”. Other than spikes and dips there is also total power failure.

UPS systems come in three different types; the first is known as the “online double”. This is the most expensive form of protection, where the batteries are connected to an inverter. No power transfer switches are required; the “line interactive UPS” is operated in a similar way to the “standby” UPS system and only offers surge protection, with an added variable voltage auto transformer; and finally the “Offline standby UPS, which provides only basic cover against waves and battery backup. This system is commonly used in your home or small business.

Ups battery information

UPS systems were thought to be designed and developed by Johnson technologies.Of course, Johnson Controls are one of the world’s largest UPS battery makers, making batteries suitable for sealed lead acid batteries. They specialise in batteries.Thus, for use on medical devices, alarm systems, fire panels, mobility devices, solar technologies, UPS systems, leisure vehicles, and almost any industrial battery application.

The size of the equipment that is to be protected will determine the size. Of the backup system, that is required. From tiny batteries that may back up a computer or burglar alarm system . To massive banks of batteries for banks and industry. The largest system I the world is said to be in Fairbanks USA, which backs up the whole community against power outages.

ups battery information

Large bank of batteries used as a backup supply

UPS Battery maintenance

Lack of the correct support is the main reason for UPS battery failure.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.




Car Brakes Affected-By Weather-So look out for Rusty Brakes This Spring – Boston.com

On Thursday, April 9, U.S. safety regulators warned drivers in states where salt is used to melt snow and ice on roads to get their brakes checked for corrosion.

This is an excellent article about something that people do not think about?

Car Brakes Affected weather conditions can have on your vehicle in winter, especially your BRAKES/Car Brakes Affected by Weather


Car brakes and inclement weather don’t mix

This was an interesting article to read. It reminded me of one of the fundamentals of being a car owner. Brakes and tyres are probably the two most important safety aspects of your vehicle. It is vital that you look after both with great care. Any problems with these two parts of your car could mean disaster.

I was almost a victim of an accident. Due to having faulty brakes on my car. Consequently, and been a garage owner. I must admit that I was probably guilty of neglecting my car.

The incident happened on a return trip from Blackpool, (a seaside resort in Lancashire UK).

I began to press the braking pedal and to my horror the brakes would not stop? Some pedestrians had just finished crossing the road, but the car would not stop. Fortunately for me, I had slowed down using my gears and so was not travelling at great speed. My friends did not know what was happening until I had to swerve onto a wide pavement (walkway) to avoid some children who were about to cross the crossing from the other side.

Luckily the pavement was clear, and I slowly came to a halt. This was Easter time, and my vehicle had not been touched throughout the winter period. We were all in a state of shock and

Car Brakes Affected by Weather

Excellent new discs fitted after the winter.

Decided to leave the car and get a coffee to calm us down.

Car Brakes Affected

When we returned to the car I tried the brake pedal and they seemed to work alright. So I decided to limp home and to use the gears to slow down before I braked. I was a mechanic then felt stupid that this could have happened to me and my car?

The first thing I did after the bank holiday was to ask my boss if I could remove the wheels and check out my brakes. On inspection, I found that the brake shoe callipers had seized up and had locked them on. The thing is that I should have checked the brakes myself after the winter. I changed the oil and filter and checked my tyre pressures and inspected them for cuts and cracks, but I took the Car Brake Pads for granted, thinking they would be alright.

This is the point of my story drivers should have their brakes checked out after the winter period and their Car Brakes Affected by Weather. The roads in the UK are covered in salt, dirt and slush when the weather gets bad, and this can enter the brake drums and calliper area and corrode the moving parts. We all know that the winter weather has a toll on moving parts, this is when door locks break and exhaust pipes drop off, all do to corrosion due to the climatic conditions.


Apollo Tyres Shares-TS Harihar positive, target Rs 225-230

Apollo Tyres Shares

Apollo Tyres Shares

TS Harihar of HRBV Client Solutions has a positive view on Apollo Tyres Shares with a price target of Rs 225-230…


One the up and coming new boys in the tyre world is undoubtedly Apollo Tyres Shares.

They have taken the bull by the horns. As a result, and gone on a spending spree. Thus, with major expansion plans, this why the Apollo Tyres Shares are rising.

I do not particularly have any problems with this. As i think that the product is of excellent quality. In the UK they have joined forces with Vredestein.Hence, who have a manufacturing facility in Holland.

I have visited this factory on a few occasions. Consequently, was impressed with cleanliness and hygiene of the premises.Of course, something that was never associated with the with the production of tyres.

Apollo tyres are embarking on a three year deal with Manchester United. To help launch the Apollo brand here in the UK . The tyre company was first to make its tyres in Perambra, Kerala in India in 1976.Therefore, has since become the leading tyre maker. Thus, in the national Capitol Region of India. hence, and was soon to recognised for its excellent tyre products. For twenty years Apollo tyres kept them within the Indian economy, building their distinctive brand of tyre products and using good marketing initiatives to promote their products. Some of the things that the Indian company did were to promote a customer loyalty scheme and help establish better driving habits on the overcrowded Indian roads.

Apollo Tyres Shares

Vredestein tyres are world renowned for the excellence of their winter tyres. In my opinion i think that this is why they bought the dutch tyre company.