110 Amp Caravan Battery

110 Amp Caravan Battery-Some general caravan battery information for Beginners

110 Amp Caravan Battery

110 Amp Caravan Battery

110 Amp Caravan Battery-Is there such a thing as a Caravan battery?

To a novice, caravanner wanting to buy their first battery. Therefore, it could be a beginner’s nightmare. There are many different products. hence, that are  on the market for your caravan battery. Manufacturers all try to create an individual product. Hence, that makes it easy to choose a new one. Of course, the battery may not be the right one for you.


I am thinking about the type of person that I would class as a leisure caravanner. Who would probably stay in the UK. Thus, for the holiday season. For perhaps their two-week summer break and not a touring around the World holiday. Therefore the owner that uses his caravan. Perhaps, to tootle around the roads and lanes. Probably, only need the same kind of ones used on other recreation vehicles; These are a cross breed. Thus, between a“car starter battery” and a “deep cycle battery”. naturally, Starter batteries are measured in CCA or “cold cranking amps”. But once again it does not mean that leisure caravan batteries are deep cycle batteries. Therefore, the  way that you can tell would be to cut one in half. I am sure this would not be a very practical thing to do.

110 Amp Caravan Battery

Caravans usually have a single one the (same as a car posts) for example one negative and one positive post, this is to link the battery to your accessories, these will come in different amp sizes the most popular one that we sell at batteriesontheweb.co.uk  is the 65 amp/85 amp/100 amp and 110 amp. These come with a three-year guarantee from the dealer and are sealed calcium alloy of the highest quality. These batteries from 65 to 110 amps usually go up according to the caravan size and the amount of appliances in the caravan.

For example, a small caravan could use a 65 amp or an 85 amp, with the bigger caravans going up to 110 amp battery size. Some batteries such as the 100 amp battery fit the VW camper van, but will also be alright for caravanners. Please do not forget that when not in use your battery must be fully charged and tested when not in use, or the battery will fail and will not be covered by your guarantee.

A leisure caravan battery will also double up with the starter battery.

Hope this is not too complicated, in general, buy a caravan battery from a reputable company make sure it is sealed and maintenance free. (check for screw tops) these are not sealed and not suitable.

Eric Roberts

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