096 Car batteries Online-Next working day delivery

096 Car batteries Online

The 096 Car batteries are one of the most popular batteries to fit cars here in the UK.


This battery is longer in length than the other popular UK battery. The 075. The difference in fitting is that the 075 battery will fit mainly petrol driven cars. The 096 Car batteries, fit mainly diesel powered cars,

The batteries are heavier duty. Specifically, for the diesel engines, which will require more power (cold cranking amps), to start a diesel engine on a cold winters morning. Almost all battery manufacturers make the  batteries, as I have said it is perhaps the most common battery that we now use here in the UK.

096 Car batteries now come in two different heights. Because, one is what we call a low casing and the other is the 096, which has a tall casing. The low casing battery is 175 mm in height. The original and popular 096 Car batteries Online comes in at 190 mm height. Both  batteries are exactly the same length and width, which is length 278 mm and width 175 mm.

This is important because in some cases such as certain Vauxhall car models the   batteries will be too tall and so the 100 should be fitted. Models such as the Astra diesel and Corsa diesel come out on a 100 battery and that means that the 096 will, be too tall.

Popular batteries

Most battery manufacturers make the 096  batteries. These batteries can be easily bought online and shipped out to you by the next working day. 096 Car


batteries are shipped out to most UK post codes and with a little care the battery can be easily fitted by a DIY car enthusiast.

If you live in the Halifax area of Yorkshire in the UK, then Pellon Auto Centre can fit the 096 Car batteries Online from their huge battery stock. The opening hours are listed on their website, www.pellonautocentre.com.

If you don’t live in the Yorkshire area then you can buy the battery online from their sister company www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk .

They sell 096 Car batteries made by many different battery companies. They recommend Lucas batteries and Varta batteries as well as their own brand Justbatteries. Finally, these are excellent products and well worth a try.

Eric Roberts