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Post Updated 6th Jan 2014

Your 063 Car battery keeps you going

As we all probably know your 063 Car battery is the thing that keeps your car electrics going when your engine is switched off. The battery is the thing that your car relies on especially the cars computer, when you switch off the engine and park it up for the night. Without a charged 063 Car battery your car just does not

063 Car battery

063 Car battery by Lucas batteries

work. That is why it is important to have your battery checked at regular intervals such as service times, and also your charging system. The test is usually free of charge at your local Unipart Car Care Centre (UCCC). You can find your nearest centre online, by clicking the link.

By testing your 063 Car battery at regular intervals you should avoid having a flat battery at perhaps a crucial time or an inconvenient place. The 063 Car battery always goes where you don’t want it to, say in the supermarket car park or when you have an appointment with the doctor, so a regular check should avoid all this.

When buying a new 063 Car battery it is always important to check out the specifications on the new battery that you require. The part number may be the same but the number of amps may not be the same. For an example newer car models now have much more electrical components built into them and require much more power from the same size battery a common size battery in the UK is the 063. This battery came out years ago and was sold with a capacity of 35 amps it fitted early Vauxhall Novas and Corsas as well as early British Leyland cars,replacing the very common 038 battery. The 063 Car battery was made more compact and fitted into the smaller car models more easily.

However as the cars were increasingly fitted out with more electrics and emissions computers the amps were increased to 44 amps on exactly the same battery the 063 Car battery.

063 car battery now up to 44 amps

063 Car battery

Justbatteries 063 Car battery a massive 41 amp car battery

The up to date 063 Car battery is still the most popular car battery on the market in the small to medium size car market, but the difference is in the power. The power output is now up to 44 amps almost twice the capacity of the earlier 35 amp battery. This is a very important point when buying an 063 battery ,make sure that you have ordered the right capacity of your battery.

All you have to do is to replace the battery with the exact same car battery that you have on the car and do not let people kid you that they are all the same,? They are not. Modern cars now charge and dis-charge at a higher voltage so it is important that you get the right battery for the job. The 063 heavy duty 44 amp car battery is available online .

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