Wheel Vibrations-Wheel Balancing could be the problem? Especially when motorway driving

Wheel Vibrations

Wheel Vibrations


So you love your job, and your family life is great. Congratulations! You have achieved balance. But can you say the same for your wheels? You can tell if your tires are out of wheel balancing  by Wheel Vibrations at higher speeds on MN …


eric roberts‘s insight:

Wheel Balancing and Wheel Vibrations

This is another good article that is trying to emphasize the importance of having your wheels balanced. These days you will have your wheels balanced every time you have a new tyre fitted, it has become standard practice throughout the tyre industry. At one time in the distant past we would charge extra for new tubeless valves fitting and for balancing, but as I say this is now included in the total price, when you buy a new tyre.

The only problem is ,that your balance weights could come off and cause your wheels to have Wheel Vibrations, this will make your steering wheel shake  or you may feel a vibration coming through the car seat. This is caused by the rear wheels being out of balance, the front wheels cause your steering wheel to vibrate.

Wheel Vibrations

This symptom of Wheel Vibrations  is easy to remedy by calling into your nearest Tyre centre and having the wheels re-balanced, a quick and easy job to do. You will then enjoy a vibration free driving experience.

Thanks Eric Roberts…www.mot-halifax.co.uk  

Wheel Vibrations underrated by drivers

Wheel balancing.Is perhaps one of the most underrated parts of your cars performance, and stability. Especially when the car is driven at higher speeds. Say on a motorway. We all know the feeling when the steering wheel starts to shake. As a result, and Wheel Vibrations start at a certain speed. Usually at speeds of 50 mph and above.

Before the out of balance on the wheel in question starts to kick in the shaking can be felt through your steering wheel or if the rear wheels are also out of balance, then the rear of the car will start to shake, and if you have passengers in the rear seats, then they will feel the shaking through the rear seats and into their bodies. Wheel balancing should be carried out whenever the Wheel Vibrations takes place, it is a good idea to call into your local Autocentre, and have the wheel balancing re-done.

One of the most common reasons for the wheel balancing to go out of synchronization is for a balance weight to come off the wheel Car Wheels. This can be caused by the wheel catching the walk way and knocking the weight off accidentally. Normally a balance weight will stay on the wheel until the next new car tyre is fitted  and the driver will never feel any vibrations through the steering wheel and if it does then the remedy is simple and relatively cheap to correct.

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