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Michelin Pilot Sports tyres

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Michelin Pilot tyres reflect its continuing commitment to delivering the best possible handling, strength and durability


Great thumbs up for the Michelin Pilot Sports tyres used on this extreme car, well done Michelin ?


Michelin Pilot Sports new generation of tyres

There is no doubt about the fact that the Michelin Pilot tyre range has kept up to the modern tyre range, that can be fitted and perform to perfection on the world’s leading performance and motorsport cars.

The French tyre manufacturer has succeeded in a multitude of different motor sporting events; these include the World Rally Championship (WRCC), Formula One, Moto GP and the torturous Dakar Rally.

As I have said on many occasions Michelin have accumulated a wealth of experience, by competing in these competitions, Michelin compliance in motor sport has developed them a range of tyres especially for high-performance vehicles, the Michelin Pilot Sports tyres. These tyres bring ultimate control and poise, to performance cars whether drivers are careering at speed on a race track or just cruising on the local motorway.

Michelin Pilot Sport range had early beginnings

Indeed the name “Pilot” goes back to the Pilote X tyres of the 1950’s, even this was before my time in the tyre trade, but they were still around when I began as a tyre fitter in the early sixties. The Pilote X’s were used on sporty type cars, such as the Aston Martin range, later to be made famous as the cars that James Bond used, in his spy films. And also the iconic British Jaguar XK150 cars, and of course many more.

The Michelin Pilot Sports tyres that we know today started off life in the 1990’s and were used on rally cars. The Michelin Pilot Sports tyres  allows the drivers to operate faster production cars that enables them to use the technology used on race tracks. I have a customer here in Halifax that always fits Pilot sports and takes part in track days, putting his BMW M3 through its paces and he would not have any other tyres fitted other than Michelin.

The rally car that first used the Pilot Sports was the winner of the 1994 British rally Championships (BRC), a Ford Escort Cosworth, driven by Malcolm Wilson, who incidentally, drove on Michelin tyres for two years.

One of Michelin’s more up to date achievements, has been the that the Pilot Super Sport tyres were fitted to the Koenig egg Agera R supercar, and the exceptional quality of the Pilot sports have helped the car break six world performance records and because of the tyres, it  safely achieve speeds of more than 270 mph.

Other record breaking sports cars to use the Pilot range are the Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R and the Porsche 918  Spyder 4 WD, both these cars did record laps in Germany using Michelin Pilot Sports tyresMichelin Pilot Sports tyres . The very latest tyre in the Pilot range is the Pilot Sport EV, a tyre that I covered in an earlier article. This is the official tyre of the Formula E Championship. Each race in this all-electric series takes place in a capital city around the world. All these cars are battery powered unlike their cousins the F1 cars with their gasoline engines.

Michelin have been working  in harmony with automotive manufacturers for many years now to develop products that are tailored to the characteristics of particular cars, especially high performance cars.  When it came to the tyres development, experimenting with many new compounds and tread patterns, the Michelin Pilot Sports tyres was going to be the one used on the brand new BMW M 3 and M 4 models, this process involved making and testing thousands of prototypes, which were gradually refined to finally achieve the optimum performance on both the race track tests and the normal roads.

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