Big ‘liquid battery Storage system’ could mean a better, cleaner grid

Post Updated 31st Dec 2013

All the major countries are looking for the large-scale energy storage battery challenges of a much cleaner


Solar panels and battery storage will play a big part in the future

battery bank

battery bank for solar power storage

electricity grid.

  switch to store cleaner power such as wind or solar would require some form of energy storage to ensure the electricity is saved and the lights stay on even when the sun shining or the wind  blowing. However, usingstandard battery technologya realistic option, as difficult and expensive to scale. New types of storage battery facilities are being tested by scientists all over the world, trying to be the first in the race for a Greener World. The Leisure Batteries storage system will be crucial for storing solar power, in an off grid situation and also for much larger battery storage system for larger communities for use in the near future.

I started off doing some research about the use of batteries for storing energy in the everyday household, especially the householders that are” OFF GRID”, people with no mains electrical supply. This is because I happen to sell solar storage batteries online. As I was reading I noticed that the problem was now becoming more wide spread, in fact it was becoming a national issue. The fact is that we will somehow; have to store more power in electricity storage systems, which will include some battery storage. The electricity that is produced from solar energy via solar panels and wind-power are playing a larger role in the supply chain and are more difficult to store because of their supply fluctuations, in other words we get more electricity on a sunny or a windy day.



modern solar layout

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